JARI health and nutrition


Embedded in the barren mountain landscape of Kosmaqs in the Pristina region, 4 springs bubble up, which have been family-owned for over 400 years.
In this untouched piece of nature, where neither agriculture nor any other cultivation is carried out, the spring water is completely free of pesticides or other environmental influences. After appropriate deep drilling - with up to 12 meters - two springs were now provided with a water pipe. The flow rate measured resulted in around 1 million liters of spring water per day. In recent years it has also been confirmed that the groundwater levels have remained the same despite the spring escaping.
It has not yet been decided whether the filling should take place on site in glass or PET bottles or in large tanks. Loading onto trucks on private land in Krajkovë is possible, and there is also a direct transport connection. It is approx. 25 minutes to the motorway connection to Albania and approx. 40 minutes to Serbia. The next loading option via ship is possible in Albania.

For the purpose of further promotion and marketing, we are looking for a suitable partner who already has many years of experience in this metier.